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APRIL 24th 4pm: RALLY to End High-Stakes Testing!

Change the Stakes invites parents, educators, students and supporters of public education to join us on the steps of Tweed to demand an end to high-stakes testing. When students, teachers and schools are rewarded for high test scores and punished for low ones, the tests themselves become the focus of education. This has to stop NOW! INFO ABOUT RALLY.

CTS Responds to New DOE Promotion Policy

April 16, 2014 : “The parents and educators of Change the Stakes strongly support the basic premises of the new policy – first, that teachers who know students best should drive promotion decisions, and second, that those decisions should be based on a holistic assessment of student performance throughout the year… We urge the DOE to remove state test scores from consideration in middle school and high school admissions…” FULL STATEMENT HERE.

DOE Proposes New Promotion Policy

The new policy declares that state test scores cannot be the sole or primary basis for student promotion to the next grade.  “Going forward, instead of having student promotion from one grade to the next based solely on exam results, teachers and principals will now determine which students are at risk of not making sufficient progress based on a more comprehensive, authentic review of their classroom work in addition to their test scores…” DOE PRESS RELEASE HERE

NYC Parents Talk about Why They’re Refusing the Tests

Three Brave NYC Teachers Take a Stand

“As an act of conscience, we are declining the role of test administrators for the 2014 New York State Common Core Tests. We are acting in solidarity with countless public school teachers who have paved their own paths of resistance and spoken truthfully about the decay of their profession under market-based reforms…”  FULL STORY HERE

An Open Letter to Chancellor Carmen Fariña: Stop Administrators from Bullying Parents

April 1, 2014: “[I]n the past week, Change the Stakes has received scores of complaints from parents whose inquiries about refusing the tests have been met with misinformation, intimidation and outright threats from administrators. We urge you to immediately put a stop to such behavior, which has no place in our schools…”  FULL STORY HERE

12 Reasons to Opt Out (pdf)

How to Opt-Out

Sample Opt-Out Letters

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Will My School Lose Funding?

See NYSAPE: The 95% Participation Rate and How Schools Do NOT Lose Funding

From the NYC Department of Education

For the official take, see the NYCDOE’s Student Participation in Grades 3-8 New York State Tests Parent Guide (pdf)