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Letter to NY Senators Re: NCLB Reauthorization

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Spring 2015 Testing Schedule

Grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA): April 14-16
Grades 3-8 math: April 22-24

Grades 4 & 8 science, performance: May 20-29 (school selects date)
Grades 4 & 8 science, written: June 1

NYSESLAT Speaking: April 14-May 15 (school selects date)
NYSESLAT Listening, Reading, Writing: May 4-May 15 (school selects date)

Why Opt Out

How to Opt Out

Sample Opt Out Letters

State exams / English: .html | .doc
State exams / Spanish: .html | .doc

Teachers of Conscience: Teachers Who Refuse to Administer Tests

From the NYC Department of Education

For the official take on the annual state tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and math, see the NYCDOE’s Student Participation in Grades 3-8 New York State Tests Parent GuideThis document answers many of the common questions parents have about the tests and opting out. It definitively states, “If, after consulting with the principal, the parents still want to opt their child out of the exams, the principal should respect the parents’ decision and let them know that the school will work to the best of their ability to provide the child with an alternate educational activity (e.g., reading) during testing times.” Share this document with your principal if s/he hasn’t seen it.

Will My School Lose Funding?

See NYSAPE: The 95% Participation Rate and How Schools Do NOT Lose Funding

DOE Resources on Student Promotion

In the spring of 2014, the NYC Department of Education (DOE) changed its promotion policy to align with a new state law that says that standardized test scores cannot be the sole or primary basis for promotion decisions. This means that children with low test scores or no test scores do not necessarily have to take an alternative assessment to be promoted. Because the policy is new, many school officials are still figuring out how to properly implement it. MORE INFORMATION HERE.