Review of The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting For Superman by Jasmine K.

Media Reviews: TEDUC 482, Winter 2015


There are many different platforms that activists use to bring awareness to their cause. One of the most well-known and useful methods is a documentary. Documentaries give a portion of reality that captures the cause for the activist, which in turn allows the audience to see the issue at hand from a real life perspective. By providing testimonies of people in a documentary, those who have power are able to give a face to a movement thus making it more personable. For this paper, the documentary, The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting For Superman, was used to give one perspective on educational reform in America. It was a response to the film Waiting For Superman by teachers and parents in New York City public schools. A thorough analysis must be completed for the whole story, which includes looking at funding and the intentions behind the production of the film.


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