Dec 2: Organizing Meeting About K-2 Testing

Planning Meeting

Parents at Castle Bridge School in Manhattan’s Washington Heights will host a planning meeting on Monday, December 2nd. They invite parents of any school, educators, and community members to join to discuss and strategize about how to challenge K-2 standardized exams and the destructive creep of test-prep curriculum and instruction into early grades. For more information, email

Monday, December 2
Castle Bridge
(corner of 169th and St. Nicholas)
small cafeteria

The Castle Bridge Boycott

As part of the new teacher evaluation system implemented this year, the 36 New York City elementary schools with only grades K-2 are required to administer new standardized tests to children as young as 4.

But in a first for the state, if not the nation, a nearly universal parental opt-out initiative at Castle Bridge forced the cancellation of standardized bubble tests for grades K-2! 

Fact Sheets

Parents at Castle Bridge created these fact sheets to spread awareness throughout their school about K-2 testing and the right of parents to opt out. They would like to share these materials and encourage others to use them.

Castle Bridge fact sheet about K-2 testing (English)

Castle Bridge fact sheet about K-2 testing (Spanish)


Please support the efforts of Castle Bridge parents by signing the petition. And encourage others to take action against developmentally inappropriate tests for K-2!