Letter: Students aren’t guinea pigs

Recently, I received a memorandum from the state Education Department informing school districts that students must participate in an additional round of field tests this fall.

For those unfamiliar with field tests, let me explain: The Education Department has a $32 million contract with Pearson to design its state standardized tests. To do that, Pearson embeds “field test” questions in the test given each spring. Students in grades 3-8 take tests over three days, three hours each day, in English/language arts and math for a total of 18 hours over two weeks.


One response to “Letter: Students aren’t guinea pigs

  1. Keep your kids home. Find out the testing times from their teachers. If it is in the morning, bring them in later. Ask the teachers for assignments, readings, enrichment the kids can do at home, so they don’t get behind. They can not force your children to take the tests. Ask King if he is willing to make an exception and have all the students at his children’s private school take the same tests since they are so worthy and important. Write an open letter asking him to respond to all parents in the state of New York. If it isn’t appropriate or a good use of their time, then it isn’t for any of the NY children.

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